Game Overview

In trap, clay targets are thrown by a machine located at approximately ground level and covered by a "trap house" at the center of the field. Trap is easy to learn, but hard to master

Standard trap game aspects include:
  • Groups of five shots being taken from five shooting positions
  • Maximum of five people shooting per round (squad)
  • Random and unpredictable manner
  • A round of trap consists of 25 shots
  • Shooters then rotate to the next shooting position and repeat the process
  • Targets are thrown rising and away from shooter

Types of Trap Games

Wobble Trap

A variant of standard trap, the main difference is a more extreme target flight path than in standard trap shooting:
  • Targets are thrown up and down as well as side to side
  • Wobble trap is a good warm up for Sporting Clays

International Trap

Prince George's County Trap and Skeet Center is one of 47 gun clubs in the U.S. that offer International Trap (International Bunker), an Olympic shooting event:
  • Considered more difficult than other trap versions
  • Single-target shooting
  • Targets are thrown from one of 15 machines
  • Targets distance, angle and speed are greater