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Girl Scouts Excited
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Girls Excited About Recreation

Gear logo If you’re a girl who wants to participate in some leisure activities without worrying about having boys around all the time, our “Girls Only!” programs are for you! They were created to ensure that you can always have fun, feel welcome, and be free to participate and play. Join in, and you’ll be able to:
  • Meet new people and hang out with friends
  • Take a clinic and learn a new skill, game or sport
  • Take an art, dance or “how to” class
  • Get great advice from a workshop
  • Go on trips
  • Get fit

Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to evolve park & recreation service delivery to engage and empower young girls. Our purpose is to foster the critical connections that will help girls transition and grow into healthy, productive adults, and to fulfill their recreational needs.

Youth Development Objectives for the Department

  • To encourage young girls with the development of healthy, positive relationships with trustworthy adults within parks and recreation and in the community.
  • To encourage young girls to attend many department-wide programs/special events.
  • To educate young girls about the importance of the 40 Developmental Assets.
  • To promote membership by issuing free youth ID cards within a customer-friendly atmosphere.
  • To instill within each girl the knowledge of knowing her value and being confident in the unique qualities she possesses.

Outcomes for the Girls Initiative Participants

  • Describe herself as feeling safe in community centers and facilities.
  • Identify adult role models that demonstrate positive and responsible behaviors.
  • Exhibit various life skills as a result of participation in creative activities and youth programs within community centers and facilities.
  • Describe herself as having ties to the parks and recreation department (registration at local community centers, knowing about program offerings, classes, etc).
  • Identify with the positive message of the Girls Initiative and understand her “Personal Power.”

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