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NRPA Commit to Health Initiaitve

NRPA’s Commit to Health initiative supports the implementation of healthy eating and physical activity standards in park and recreation sites across the nation.

Now you can help reinforce the healthy habits that your child is learning in their out-of-school time program in your home!


Use these resources to learn about healthy cooking techniques, meal preparation and making healthier food choices as a family in the month of January!

  • Make better food choices as a family this year! Check out tips created specifically for women, but good for the whole family! For tips geared towards menclick here.

  • Eating healthily and moving more is easy – put some of these tips into action as the New Year begins! (Spanish)

  • Track your eating and physical activity to stay on target all year long! Set goals to track your progress on an app like MyFitnessPal or the SuperTracker online.

  • Learn about a fruit and vegetable each month! Try new healthy recipes and cooking techniques Spanish)

  • Help reinforce healthy eating with fun activity sheets (cruciferous vegetables and legumes) and coloring sheets (cruciferous vegetables and legumes) for your family.

  • Think about what goes on your plate! Use MyPlate to create a well-balanced, nutritious meal each day.

  • *For Spanish information about MyPlate , please click here