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Xtreme Teen Centers' Hours of Operation

Location   Monday  Friday   Saturday
Baden CC   CLOSED   7-10 pm  CLOSED
Beltsville CC  CLOSED    7-10 pm  7-10 pm
Berwyn Heights CC   CLOSED   7-10 pm  CLOSED
Bladensburg CC   CLOSED   7-10 pm  7-10 pm
Bowie CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  7-10 pm
Cedar Heights CC   CLOSED   7-10 pm  CLOSED
College Park CC  CLOSED   7-10 pm  CLOSED
College Park YSC   CLOSED  6-9 pm  CLOSED
Columbia Park CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Deerfield Run CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Fort Washington Forest CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Glassmanor CC    CLOSED  CLOSED  7-10 pm
Glenarden CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Glenn Dale CC   CLOSED  6-10 pm  CLOSED
Good Luck CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  7-10 pm
Hillcrest Heights CC   CLOSED  CLOSED  7-10 pm
Huntington CC   6-9 pm  6-9 pm  CLOSED
Indian Queen CC   CLOSED  CLOSED  7-10 pm
John E. Howard CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Kentland CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  7-10 pm
Lake Arbor CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  7-10 pm
Langley Park CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  7-10 pm
Largo/Kettering/Perrywood CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Marlow Heights CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  7-10 pm
North Brentwood CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  7-10 pm
Oakcrest CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Palmer Park CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  7-10 pm
Patuxent CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm   CLOSED
Peppermill CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Potomac Landing CC   CLOSED  CLOSED  7-10 pm
Prince George's Plaza CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Rollingcrest-Chillum CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Seat Pleasant CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
South Bowie CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  7-10 pm
South Tech Rec CC    CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Stephen Decatur CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Suitland CC    CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Temple Hills CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Tucker Road CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
Upper Marlboro CC   CLOSED  CLOSED  7-10 pm
Vansville CC   CLOSED  7-10 pm  CLOSED
William Beanes CC    Closed for renovations